Work Submission Information

Ryerson University

Submission of Assignments, Labs, Projects

Except for the assignment and modules, each piece of work in this course includes a marking sheet that must be printed, filled out, and handed in physically.

Paper Submissions

Paper submissions must be physically handed in the Computer Science drop box which is on the left hand side of the main counter of the reception area in ENG287. Work handed in using other methods will not be accepted.

The marking sheet should be stapled to the front of the submission.

When work is done in teams, only hand in one submission for the whole team and indicate the team name on the marking sheet.

Electronic Submissions

The VB work in this course can be submitted almost completely electronically:
  1. Zip the entire VB folder in one zip file using the name specified in the description of the work; for example ass.zip for the assignment.
  2. Submit your work in the associated D2L folder

    You can submit the same file as often as you want: the new copy will simply replace the old copy. If you do, be aware that the date stamp for the file will be that of the new copy. This will affect late penalties.

  3. For work other than the assignment and modules: print the marking sheet that accompanies the work, fill out all your personal information, including the information about how the work was submitted, and hand it in to the instructor or departmental secretaries in ENG287. Note that the electronic submissions that require a marking sheet printout will only be marked in response to the receipt of a marking sheet. In other words, work without marking sheets will not be marked.

Due Times

Late Penalties

When late work is accepted (i.e. the late penalty is not -100%), the late penalty will be as follows:
Work will have a late penalty of -3n marks (out of 100) removed, where n is the number of school days (Monday to Friday) the work is late by.

e.g. if the work is marked out of 100, 3 marks are lost on the first day, 9 on the second, 27 on the 3rd, 81 on the 4th, and 100 on the 5th.
The late penalty for work marked out of something other than 100 is prorated from the above formula.

The late penalty only applies to the work itself, and not its marking sheet. So the date used to calculate the late penalty for any work is the date on which the submission has been received not the date on which the marking sheet was received.

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