F2017 Lab 6

Ryerson University

Usability Testing

Due: November 28 at 4pm


In this part of the project you will test the usability of Part 1 of your project and report your findings.

Part A - Testing your prototype

In this phase you will be testing your user interface on two sets of subjects:
  1. the course instructor and one of you
  2. the two subjects who have been assigned to your group. These subjects' names and ryerson emails can be found from the lists of teams on the project site.
Here is what you need to do for this lab:
  1. Please book a 1.5 hour slot in the usability lab at least one working day before the time slot. You should make sure that your subjects are available for that time slot. Here are the steps to do this:
    1. Check the CPS613 Lab6 Doodle to make sure that your team and subjects are all available for the same lab session.
      Subjects:you will only need to attend the last hour of the session. Please indicate your availabilities accordingly.
    2. Register a lab session through Google calendar and invite all your team members and subjects to it.
    I will be verifying all the bookings every evening to make sure that all the participants have confirmed their attendance. The slot will be yours only when that happens. You will know this because The Ryerson usability lab is in ENG232 which is at the south end of the building facing some of the math professors' offices.

  2. Prepare all the material you will need for your session:

  3. Prepare yourselves for the test. You may want to take a look at the marking scheme for parts A and B to get a sense of the usability test process and how you will be evaluated.

    You should also read the following two documents: Methods for Successful Thinking Out Loud procedures and Tips for talking to subjects to understand how to interact with your subjects to make them confortable and to elicit reliable information.

  4. At your appointed time slot, test the usability of your prototype on your two sets of subjects (first the instructor+you, then the students) in the usability lab. You should perform some of the usability tests you described in your lab 5 (usability testing plan). You may improve these tests if you wish.
  5. Please try to keep the testing session under 45 minutes, as the instructor will need the remaining 15 minutes to give you feedback on your performance.
  6. If you would like a video of the testing session, please give the instructor a USB key with at least 150MB of free space. Make sure that the key is clearly marked with your team name (putting it in an enveloppe with the team name will do). I will drop off the key with your video on it at the Computer Science office once it is ready. These videos can be viewed using the Camtasia Player. If you feel like it you can get other software to manipulate these videos from TechSmith, but this is not necessary for this course.

Part B - Testing the other Teamís prototype

Two members of your team, the subjects, will need to test another team's prototype. These two people have been designated on the pages containing the list of teams in the Project site The team conducting the testing is responsible for organizing the testing session. Your subject members should show up at the usability lab 30 minutes after the beginning of the testing slot and act as subjects for the other team.

Part C - Report

Write a report summarizing the findings of your usability tests, and how they will impact the design of your project's interface. This report should follow the Usability Test Report format.

Marking Scheme

Hand In

This is a paper submission to be handed in at the Computer Science office.


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