F2017 Lab4

Ryerson University

Early Formative Evaluation using a Paper Mockup

Due: October 27

Explanation of Lab

This lab is a continuation of lab 3 and a preparation for the project. In this lab you will be designing the user interaction for your project for one or more scenarios, building a paper mockup (also called a low fidelity prototype ) of these scenarios and then using it to conduct an early formative evaluation of your design.

Lab Description and marking sheet

You can start preparing this lab before the actual session. However, you must attend the lab session to do the lab because you will be testing you will be performing a formative evaluation of your project during the lab session with a subject drawn from the other project.

Here is a more complete description of this lab. Since some of you will be subjects for this lab, please do not look at the lab for the other project.

Additional Material

Both projects

Bring paper, pencils, erasers, and post-its to the session. Copies of the Paper Prototyping Kit will be available during the lab.

Project A: CollaboShare

Project B: TourBot

    Nothing specific.

Printed References

  • Preece Textbook (all Editions): Sections 11.1, 11.2, 11.5, 11.6

    Video References

    These videos can give you an idea of what you will be doing

    Hand In

    • The paper mockup you used during the lab (don't spend any time cleaning it up).
    • The user feedback you received during formative evaluation.
    • A description of how you will modify your user interface based on the user feedback.
    • Your marking sheet: in .docx format or .pdf format
This is a paper submission to be handed in at the Computer Science office. Details of what to hand in are on the lab descriptions.

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